12 Digital Products To Sell On Your Blog For Extra Profit

There are lots of different ways to make money from your blog, including affiliate sales, ads and digital products. But how do you figure out…


There are lots of different ways to make money from your blog, including affiliate sales, ads and digital products. But how do you figure out which digital products to sell?

Digital products aren’t a one size fits all for every blog. It totally depends on the content of the digital product that you want to provide as to which product would work best and obviously the kind of audience you’ll be selling to.

You’re not going to sell a digital cookbook of Italian recipes if you write a blog about coin collecting for example. Your platform would be geared towards people who like coin collecting, so you’ll want to utilise that platform and create content for the readers you already have.

It’s worth investigating what kind of content your reader would be willing to pay for and you can do this in several ways:

  • You can visit similar blogs in your niche and see what they are offering.
  • You can take a look at those same blogs and have a think about what it is that’s missing and what they COULD provide.
  • You could look at the content you already have. Which of your content is most popular? Create something as an expansion of that content.
  • You could actually ask your readers what they want.

If you’re not sure what kind of digital products to sell, don’t sweat it, I’ve come up with a list of examples for you! Knowing your audience will help you figure out which one of these digital products is the right one for your blog.

Digital Products To Sell On Your Blog

12 Digital Products To Sell On Your Blog


Ebooks are one of the most popular digital products to sell on a blogging platform. You can create an ebook about almost anything and you can simply use content you’ve already written, but expand upon it to make it a more comprehensive guide.

My advice is to find out what pain points are most common amongst your audience and create an ebook that solves their problem.

A photography marketing blog might want to create an ebook that teaches their audience how to book more clients for example, as booking clients is a very common pain point with photographers who are just starting their business.

In fact, I sell an ebook about managing social anxiety on my mental health blog.


Printables are so hot right now. People love printables that keep them organised, track their mood or even just as something nice to frame and hang on their wall.

You can create all sorts of printables, you just have to be quite good at design to make your printables irresistible.

Some ideas of printables you can create:

  • Calendars
  • Goal tracker (think fitness, money, weight loss etc.)
  • Worksheets
  • Step by step tutorials with diagrams
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Stationary

Your printables need to relate to the subject of your blog, so it should be fairly simple coming up with ideas of which products to sell. Just remember what kind of things would have made your life easier when you were first introduced to the subject of your blog.

Digital Products to sell on your blog - printables

Email templates

Lots of businesses come across different roadblocks when emailing or responding to clients. If you have a speciality, perhaps you can offer insight to your readers and provide them with email templates for a small fee.

Email templates could include copy and paste templates for email pitches, responses to different questions, responses to enquiries, responses to difficult scenarios within your industry.

Some people aren’t so great at knowing what to say in an email and this is where you can help them.


Photographers love presets. Some photographers use them to make their workflow quicker, some photographers use them to learn how to edit a certain way or to customise them to their own style.

Either way, you could provide that help to your fellow photographers by creating some awesome Lightroom presets or Photoshop actions and selling them via your blog.

Stock photos

You don’t just have to sell stock photos on the big stock websites such as Shutterstock, you can also sell premium stock photos on your actual blog.

This works best if you specialise in a specific photography style or if you are selling stock photos directly to other bloggers.

You could sell bundles or stock photos or even sell a monthly subscription to access your stock library.


If you’re good at design and you love a nice font, maybe you could consider selling some of your own custom made fonts. This would be great if you run a graphic or web design blog.


Designers, writers and content creators often need digital mockups for their products. You could create a digital mockup of a t-shirt that a designer can create an example of their design with. Or, you could create a mockup flaylay scene with a blank laptop screen, for someone to insert a screenshot of their website into.

Textures and overlays

There is always a need for textures and overlays in the digital photography and graphic design world. I’ve seen lots of photographers using sky overlays in their family photography for example.

Social media templates

Even people who are proficient in design often need social media templates. It just quickens up the workload if we have a few templates ready to drop on Instagram or Pinterest.

You can even create templates that specifically work in Canva** if you don’t just want to offer them to people who already use robust programs like Photoshop.

Blog theme

I am obsessed with WordPress blog themes, I have to stop myself from buying new themes every time I see one. There are plenty of bloggers who need a well-designed, mobile responsive theme.

If you think you can create something different that your audience will like, consider designing some blog themes to purchase.

If you’re a web designer who creates custom websites, you can also have a page of pre-made designs that you can resell to lots of customers for a more budget price.


As much as people need a theme for their blog, they also need a good logo. You can create pre-made logos for a smaller set price which you can resell unlimited times and you can also set up a custom logo service, making one of a kind logos for a higher price tag.

Branding kit/Templates

If your blog is aimed at small businesses who provide a specific service, you could create some branding kits and brochure templates for them in different colour/theme options.

I know for a fact that when I was first starting my photography business it would have really helped to have a brochure template to customise, instead of spending hours in Photoshop trying to make a decent looking one to send to potential customers.

Lots of small businesses need digital brochures, price menus, small guides to send out to customers. Even invoices and receipts that are branded. You could take out the headache of putting all of these things together for them by offering a ready made branding kit.

So hopefully you now have an idea of what kinds of digital products to sell on your blog, which are you going to go for?

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