57 Blogging Topics For Photographers

The one thing that I remember struggling with when I first started my photography business was blogging. So I came up with a list of…


The one thing that I remember struggling with when I first started my photography business was blogging. So I came up with a list of 57 blogging topics for photographers in different niches to help those of you who are as stuck as I was.

It wasn’t so much the writing that I struggled with, although I wasn’t amazing at that either at the time, but it was actually coming up with blog post ideas that weren’t just sharing my latest shoot that I hated.

I never knew what to write about but I knew that I had to post something, especially in the slower seasons when I wasn’t shooting anything new.

You should use this blogging opportunity to help your clients plan for their session, or answer frequently asked questions in depth.

If you think about it from a different perspective, you can imagine yourself as a prospective client, clicking on the website of a photographer you wanted to book. What would you want to find out from that website beyond the usual pricing/about the photographer/gallery and how to contact them?

If you’re not sure, keep reading. I’ve got you covered.

57 Blogging Topics For Photographers

57 blogging topics for photographers


  1. A guide to wedding venues in your area
  2. Your favourite getting ready/bridal prep photographs
  3. What you should look for in a wedding photographer
  4. How to nail the confetti shot (give some advice about amount of confetti needed etc.)
  5. Vendor highlight (do a blog post about a favourite florist, make-up artist, cake maker etc. and have them share it on their social media too)
  6. Your favourite dance floor reception photographs
  7. A day in the life of a wedding photographer
  8. Share a long testimonial with some images from the wedding
  9. Wedding planning tips from a photographers perspective
  10. How to use your engagement photos


  1. A guide to hanging your prints on the wall.
  2. Fun family session ideas
  3. What to wear to a family session
  4. Advice about timing the perfect light
  5. A guide to in-home sessions
  6. How to take care of your prints
  7. A guide to backing up images and keeping digital photos safe
  8. How to get your kids to not hate having their portraits taken
  9. A list of your favourite locations for family sessions
  10. Your favourite silly poses and prompts


  1. Why it’s important to have professional photographs of your business/brand
  2. A guide to commercial photography licensing
  3. A day in the life of a personal brand photographer
  4. A look inside your gear bag
  5. Styling ideas for your personal brand photography session
  6. Your favourite locations for personal brand photography
  7. Instagram feed ideas
  8. Different ways you can use your personal brand photography
  9. Make-up and styling ideas for your branding photography
  10. Posing guide
Branding Blogging Topics For Photographers
Photo by Kelly J Photography


  1. Tips for posing newborns
  2. A guide for parents on getting baby ready for a newborn session
  3. Lighting setups for newborn photography
  4. Newborn photography props
  5. Cute baby announcement ideas
  6. How to involve siblings into newborn photos
  7. Why Mum and Dad should be in newborn photos
  8. How many days old baby should be for perfect newborn photos
  9. How to take newborn photos safely
  10. A closer look at how you edit a newborn photo


  1. What to wear for your boudoir session
  2. A guide to flattering poses
  3. How to get over nerves before a boudoir photo session
  4. Best locations for unique boudoir sessions
  5. Why you should have professional make-up for your boudoir session
  6. To fake tan or not to tan?
  7. Pampering ideas to prepare for your boudoir session
  8. Couples boudoir session ideas
  9. Favourite places to get lingerie online
  10. What to do with the images from your session.


  • Round up of your favourite photos of the year
  • A then and now comparison post of how your photography has improved since you started
  • Your photography story. How you got into photography and how you set up your own business.
  • A guide to all of your photography products such as prints, books, canvases etc.
  • Testimonial from a client including some of the photos from their session.
  • Post about any personal projects you’re doing.
  • Share some photography you’ve taken of local places so that you rank on search engines for local areas.
57 Blogging Topics For Photographers

I hope you enjoyed these blogging topics for photographers. If you know someone that might find this post useful, then please share!

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