15 Facebook Roundup & Blog Engagement Groups

Facebook constantly makes it harder to gain traffic from your business page unless you’re paying for ads and boosting posts. One way to get around…


Facebook constantly makes it harder to gain traffic from your business page unless you’re paying for ads and boosting posts. One way to get around this is to join some Facebook roundup & blog engagement groups, so that you can network with people in your field of interest and get your blog some backlinks.

Not only will this help you develop some new relationships with other bloggers but it will help your blog with it’s search engine rankings.

Facebook roundup and blogging engagement groups

What are roundup groups for?

Roundup groups are for collecting links for roundup posts such as “15 Banana Recipes That Aren’t Banana Bread” or “26 DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make On A Budget”.

They are beneficial for both parties. The blogger posting the roundup gets to post a useful resource post without having to write a bunch of new content and the bloggers getting linked within the post along with their craft/recipe etc. will receive a backlink (which is great for SEO) and hopefully get their blog in front of a new audience.

By participating in roundups, you can get some traffic from a new source and improve your rankings on search engines like Google without having to write a full guest post for another blog.

Often people looking for roundup links will require permission to also use a picture from your blog post within the roundup, so be sure to fully read their requirements.

What are blog engagement groups for?

Blog engagement groups are great for getting comments on your new posts, which makes your blog look more authoritative. They are also helpful for getting engagement for your social media channels too, which keeps you from getting lost in the algorithms.

Blog Roundup Groups To Join


Blogger Roundups

Best Ever Round Ups

Blog Post Round Up Database

Bloggers Sharing Links for Roundups

Blogger Round Up Requests

Craft & Food Round Ups


Blog Engagement Groups To Join

Some of these groups are specifically for engagement while some are general blogging groups with set days for promotion and engagement.

GimmieLove – Blog & Social Media Engagement Group

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Pinterest Promotions for Bloggers

Grow Your Blog

Catch Me Collaborating

Blog Post Sharing Group

Blog Comments

Instagram Engagement and Promotion


While I wouldn’t rely on any Facebook groups for consistent traffic, roundup and blog engagement groups can be extremely helpful for getting your name out there and to network with other bloggers.

You should always put more into groups that you take. So if you’re in an engagement group, don’t just drop your link and hope people click and comment. Click on other peoples links and leave them comments too.

Do you have a blogging Facebook group? Drop a link in the comments below.

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Facebook roundup and blogging engagement groups

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