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Are you stuck for opt in ideas that will convert your readers into subscribers? Do you want your email list to grow like crazy?

I’ve come up with a list of opt in ideas for every kind of blog niche, to take out the guess work, so all you have to do is create it.

What is an opt-in incentive?

An opt in incentive (or lead magnet) is free content packaged in different formats that your readers can access by subscribing to your email list.

Opt ins that do well are Printables, Mini PDF Guides, Checklists, Cheat Sheets and Email Courses.

You don’t have to stick to just these particular kinds of lead magnets but they are the most popular for a few reasons, a) because they are easy to create b) they don’t have to cost you anything to create and c) they aren’t physical items, so they can be sent to your subscribers as soon as they sign up.

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Email Course  Incentive
Example of my email course opt in at

Finance & Budget

  • Monthly budget checklist
  • Coupon calendar
  • Managing money email course
  • Savings plan PDF
  • Ready-made Budget Spreadsheet
  • Debt Tracker Printable
  • Spending Tracker Printable
Budget blogger email incentive
Example of budget blogger opt in at


  • Mini posing guide
  • What to wear to a photo session guide
  • Wedding planning checklist (if you’re a wedding photographer)
  • A PDF guide to local wedding venues
  • Mini email course to learn basic photography skills
  • Photography settings cheat sheet
  • Photography settings flash card printables
  • Walk-through video series of how to photograph X subject
Photography blog freebie example
Example of a photography blog opt-in at


  • Newborn hospital checklist
  • Baby-led weaning recipes PDF
  • Pregnancy planner printable
  • Feeding & Nappy Changes tracker printable
  • Weekly chores & rewards calendar
  • Kids activities guide for the summer holidays
Parenting Blog Opt In Example
Example of a parenting blog opt in at

Food & Recipes

  • Budget family meal plan
  • Calorie counted meal plan
  • Mini Recipe Ebook
  • A short guide on how to master a specific cooking skill
  • Grocery shopping checklist
  • Shopping list for a specific diet in a specific supermarket
  • Email course for taking better food photos for Instagram
Recipe blogger opt in example
Example of a recipe blogger opt in at


  • A PDF guide to supplements
  • Good habits for better health checklist
  • Herbal remedies guide
  • Health kickstart planner
Health Blog Opt In Example
Example of health blogger opt in at


  • 30 Day Fitness Challenge Printable
  • Blueprint to toning up
  • Mini gym guide
  • Beginners running planner
  • 7 day email course for better overall fitness
Fitness Blog Opt-in
Fitness blog opt-in example at


  • Beginners make-up video training series
  • Make-up bag checklist
  • Morning beauty routine checklist
  • List of vegan/cruelty-free make-up and skincare brands
  • Themed make-up email challenge
Beauty blog opt in example
Example of a beauty blog opt in at


  • Capsule wardrobe checklist
  • What to wear for X email series
  • A guide to accessorising
  • List of ethical clothing brands
  • How to style for your body shape infographic
Fashion blog opt in example
Example of a fashion blogger email opt in at

Home & DIY

  • Decluttering checklist
  • Housework printable – a list of which jobs to do daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • Email series on DIY basics
  • A PDF guide on how to transform your kitchen
Home blog example of email opt-in incentive
Example of a home blog email opt in incentive at

Personal Development

  • Journaling prompts cheatsheet
  • Mood tracker printable
  • Mental health diary printable
  • A sample of your premium coaching course as a mini-course or PDF
  • A PDF guide on your specialist subject.
Personal Development Blog Opt In
Example of a personal development blog opt in at


  • A PDF guide on what to do during your visit to X country/city
  • Airport checklist
  • Travel savings planner
  • Travel budget spreadsheet
  • Webinar on how to travel the world
  • Travel planning guide
Travel blog email opt in example
Example of a travel blog email opt in at

Design your opt in incentive

Once you’ve decided on your opt in ideas, it’s time to create them. I create all my PDF, checklist and worksheet opt ins with Canva and my email courses with an automation workflow in Mailerlite (free up to 1000 subscribers).

Getting your opt in incentive to convert to email subscribers

Creating your opt in incentive is the first hurdle, you then need to make sure you maximise it’s potential so that it converts into email subscribers.

You can do this in several ways;

Adding your opt in incentive as a content upgrade
If your opt in is a PDF, checklist or worksheet, it will work really well as a content upgrade in one of your blog posts.

Try a pop-up form
As much as people say they don’t like pop-ups when they visit blogs, these kinds of forms convert really well.

In-content form
You could also place a form within your content or at the bottom of your blog post.

In the sidebar
Having a form or a graphic for your opt in incentive, within your sidebar, is another good placement.

Resource library
Or you can do what I do and create lots of opt ins and have a resource library!

Coming up with your own opt in ideas

A great way to come up with your own opt in ideas, is to look at the content you already have and see which blog posts could use an upgrade.

Take a look at your popular blog posts to get an idea of which content your readers are looking for the most and this should give you an indication of what kind of opt ins will most convert for your blog.

Hope this helps and good luck creating your opt in incentive and growing that email list!

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